Blackburn Business Improvement District

What is the Blackburn BID?

The Blackburn Business Improvement District (BID) was first established in 2013 when businesses formally voted in favour of a proposal to establish a BID. This provided the mechanism for £1.5m investment in the town centre over a five-year term, addressing issues important to local businesses.

The BID includes around 360 businesses, organisations and charities in the town centre.

In November 2018, The BID celebrated a “YES” vote from town centre businesses for five more years of investment. A massive 86% were in favour of continuing the work of the BID.

There are 3 elements to BIDs:

  • They are set up in a commercial area to support the businesses in that area (BUSINESS)
  • They deliver projects and services in addition to those already provided by public services (IMPROVEMENT)
  • They cover a defined geographical area, usually a town centre, city centre or industrial estate (DISTRICT)

Blackburn BID Priorities 2019 – 2023

Blackburn town centre BID has 3 priorities for this term, identified through consultations with businesses in 2018:

  • Marketing and promoting Blackburn as a vibrant town centre
  • Creating a safer, more secure Blackburn town centre
  • Creating a sustainable, cleaner and more attractive environment

The Blackburn Town Centre BID has the potential to raise £1.5 million over five years to invest in local projects and services under these themes.

Click here to download a copy of our 2019 – 2023 Business Plan.

This will be in addition to, and complementary to, the services already delivered by the local authority and other agencies, and planned strategic investments in the area such as the Blakey Moor Townscape Heritage Project and the new town centre cinema.

Blackburn BID has been behind many of the major events and initiatives in Blackburn over the last few years and were instrumental in being awarded the overall winner of Great British High Street of the Year in 2016.

The Vote

The Blackburn Business Improvement District for Blackburn was initially approved on 11th November 2013. A majority of the Business ratepayers in the proposed BID area who voted, voted in favour of the proposal, both by aggregate rateable value and numbers voting.

The BID was first elected on 1st January 2014 and ran for 5 years, before it was re-elected, in November 2018, for another five year term starting 1st January 2019.


Download a copy of the Blackburn BID Constitution

Who is a BID member?

All businesses and organisations within the defined area of the BID with a rateable value of £10,000 or more are required to pay the BID levy each year based on occupancy & the rateable value on the 1st January each year. The BID levy in Blackburn is currently 1.25% (second term) of rateable value and is payable in January each year. The BID levy is not prorated for part calendar years of occupation.

Voluntary BID members

Businesses that are too small to pay the BID levy can opt to join the BID and become members on a voluntary basis. The annual charge for each calendar year is £50 plus VAT. The voluntary contribution always expires on the 31st December each year.

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